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Global Vision Initiative is all about helping local churches, and their student ministry programs, to make missions a lifestyle - making missions a year-round part of life, and not just the annual missions trip or missions conference.  Global Vision Initiative is also committed to the process of raising up the next generation of missionaries.

Our focus areas include:  1)  Missions Vision & Mobilization - helping student ministry groups and local churches develop a year-round missions atmosphere and lifestyle through training, seminars, coaching, and consultations.  2)  Global Vision Enhancement - increasing a vision for missions and the world through missions vision trips.  3)  Cross-Cultural Ministry  Connections - helping student ministry groups and local churches develop long-term relationships with overseas student ministry groups or local churches.  4) Consortium/Think Tank - networking with missions/youth missions leaders to dialogue and develop ventures that are focused around the theme of missions as a lifestyle.

Our mission is found in assisting student ministries and local churches in developing the global ministry component of the Great Commission lifestyle.

We want to help you to see and connect to what God is doing around the world.

 For more information about how Global Vision Initiative can be of help to you, or simply to "join the cause", please let us know.