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Rich Noble, GVI's founder and director, is currently a pastor with the C&MA and adjunct faculty at Geneva College.  Among other things, Rich serves as the District Missions Mobilizer for the Western PA District of the C&MA.   He has always been interested in missions and the Lord has placed the burden of mobilizing the Church to active missions involvement rather than full-time cross-cultural service.  This passion has taken him on several missions trips to various places in the world, namely Europe and Africa.  He was also part of AYMission's staff in its early years as the Site Director for Europe.  Rich is also very passionate about helping to move the next generation of missionaries into place, having done his doctoral dissertation-project on that very subject (D.Min. - Missions & Cross-Cultural Studies, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary).

Our Services

Local Church/Student Ministry Missions Consulting available. 

Churches/Organizations helped:  AYMission; Geneva College Campus Ministries 

The following seminars/workshops are also offered: 

"Moving Millennials to Missions":  We have a generation poised and ready to change the world – How can we help them do it for Christ?  What are some things we can do to help get our students thinking of missions as a lifestyle and not just the annual missions trip to Mexico? 

"Coca-Cola Jesus":  What do Jesus and Coca-Cola have in common?  People all over the world would like to know and you can help them find out. 

"Missions Awareness 101":  How can I get my church excited about missions?  What can we do to help reach the world for Christ? 

"Short-Term Missions or Long-Term Investment?":  With the popularity of short-term missions trips, we have to ask the hard questions - How involved should we be?  What should our appraoch be?  

"A Pastor's Perspective of the Persecuted Church":  Persecution of Christians around the world is at all-time highs.  What can and should we do as the Church in North America?